The mission of the association is to help members become more successful.

The association was founded to bring together legal entities engaged in consulting in construction in order to protect and improve their business interests and reputation by affirming the rules of the profession and professional ethics. The goal of the association is to improve business efficiency by respecting positive regulations and international norms.

By respecting the basic acts (Statute, Code of Ethics) and acting in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia, the Association will strive to promote the business and regulatory climate in which its members will be able to provide services at the highest level.

The following strategic priorities stand out:

  • Build a clear picture of the importance and role of consulting firms and promote them as reliable advisors through strategic partnerships, building reputation, raising awareness and creating the recognition of engineering as an activity,
  • Encourage business cooperation among the members of the Association on the principles of improving mutual relations and partnerships. Encourage the exchange of experience between the members of the Association. Strengthen communication and exchange of information among the members of the Association. Create conditions for joint ventures of Members towards domestic and foreign partners,
  • Advocate for a better business and regulatory climate by influencing Governing Bodies, Service Users and other stakeholders. Establish positive and constructive relations with state authorities and legislation, as well as chambers and other local and international bodies that take care of the adoption and application of rules in consulting,
  • Realize various forms of cooperation with universities, institutes, professional associations and other related organizations in the country and abroad,
  • Standardise the conditions for the execution of members' business tasks by proposing and editing methods and recommendations for contracting or evaluating consulting services. Monitor their application in practice, and acquaint them, in addition to their members, with the general public,
  • Organize professional education in the area of interest of members by holding meetings, publishing newsletters, brochures and various types of publications intended for membership and the public,
  • Inform the members about relevant developments in the construction sector and other areas important for the quality provision of engineering consulting services,
  • Defining our Association as a recognizable authority on domestic economic issues

The association has the ambition to function as a business and lobbying network. It will become a voice within Croatia that will protect and promote the business interests of consulting companies. The strength of the Association will be defined based on the number of members and the programs and services it will provide.